Friday, February 4, 2011

Hard Time...

Hello everyone!

I haven't uploaded something since Christmas (!)...School is giving me a hard time. I have to study for tests and do my everyday homework and of course get ready for the final exams! Well, I won't start complaining again! That's all! Hope you are all happy and calm!

Aaaand...Drawing time!

"Off with their heads!"
Queen of Hearts is my favorite character from "Alice In Wonderland"!
I did this sketch a while ago and I colored it yesterday!

And that's Rivo, one of my Original Characters. Coloring Practice (but I like it!)...

That's my new ID for my Deviantart Profile (MarsianaMT). See that Panda Plush Bear Shirt? Isn't it cuteee!? :3 I'm so into Teddy Bears! I recently bought a Sad Sam Dog who barks!!!